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Atty. Ramos completed his law studies from the San Beda University – College of Law in the years 2017-2021.

Atty. Ramos is part of the historical 2020-’21 Bar Examinations, which is the first-ever Digitalized Philippine Bar Exam. He successfully passed this exam, and subsequently was admitted to the Bar in the year 2022.

Prior to entering Law School, Atty. Ramos took his undergraduate studies in the University of Santo Tomas. There, he attained the degree of Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. During the time of his studies in the said University, he partook of numerous official engagements in various organizations such as being the University’s Internal Vice President for the Physical Therapy Society, as well as, in a nationwide- scale, a Vice President in the Association of Philippine Physical Therapy Students (APPTS).

During his time with the firm, Atty. Ramos has assisted in various civil, administrative, and criminal cases, as well as labor, immigration & intellectual property matters of various clients of the firm.

JA Ramos
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