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Provision of Legal Aid for those Forcibly Displaced in Asia

Greg Joseph S.J. Tiongco and Mia Larainne L. Dueñas

Dec 19, 2022

PILnet and Orrick are pleased to launch a series of memos addressing the availability of legal aid to refugees in eleven Asian jurisdictions.

They provide detailed information about both state and non-state funded legal aid, to serve as a resource for refugees, other displaced people, and the lawyers and organizations that work with them.

Are you an organization needing personalized legal assistance or looking to develop a pro bono partnership to expand the work you are doing to support asylum-seekers and refugees? PILnet can connect you with a qualified pro bono lawyer, at no cost.

If you are an asylum-seeker, refugee, or stateless person, local legal aid providers will be best placed to initially assess and generally address your legal needs. To find a local legal aid provider in the countries covered in these memos, please refer to the country pages of UNHCR Help or Rights in Exile. To read more, please visit the link below:

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